Sync with the DOTA-2 Schedule

Keep your finger on the pulse of the E-sports scene by staying up-to-date with the Dota-2 schedule. This dynamic timetable keeps you informed about all the forthcoming and previous matches of this much-loved multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. The schedule undergoes regular updates, ensuring you always know when to tune in to catch your favorite teams in action. Interested? Join us at Sportbettingai and never miss a beat!

Understanding the DOTA-2 Schedule

The Dota-2 schedule isn’t just a simple list, but a thorough directory of match-ups categorized into:

Major Tournaments

Major tournaments in Dota-2 are the most prestigious events in the professional circuit. These tournaments are sanctioned and often funded by Valve, the developer of Dota-2. They typically feature the largest prize pools and the top teams from around the world. The International, the biggest Dota-2 tournament, falls into this category. Other major tournaments include the Epicenter, ESL One, and the Dota-2 Major Championships, which are part of the Dota Pro Circuit.

Minor Tournaments

Minor tournaments are also a part of the Dota Pro Circuit, but they are smaller than Major tournaments in terms of prize pools and team participation. Nevertheless, they are still highly competitive, featuring many professional teams. Minors serve as a platform for rising teams to prove their mettle and earn valuable Dota Pro Circuit points that can qualify them for The International.

Online Cups

Online cups are tournaments that are typically held online rather than in-person. These tournaments can range from small, community-run events to larger, more competitive tournaments. Examples include the joinDOTA League and the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Online. Online cups provide a platform for lesser-known and amateur teams to compete against each other and gain exposure in the Dota-2 community.

Regional Leagues

Regional leagues are ongoing competitions divided by geographic regions. In these leagues, teams compete against others from their region over an extended period. The Dota Pro Circuit introduced a new system of Regional Leagues in 2020, featuring six regions: Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, China, and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). Each league consists of a Lower and Upper division, providing a path for teams to grow and progress.

The International

The International is the most prestigious event in the Dota-2 calendar. Held annually, it features the best teams from around the world competing for a multimillion-dollar prize pool crowdfunded by the Dota-2 community. The International is known for its dramatic and memorable moments and has been hosted in various locations worldwide, such as Seattle, Vancouver, and Shanghai. It’s an event that every Dota-2 player aspires to win.

Each section provides essential details such as tournament name, date, location, and participating teams. You’ll also find links to live streams, making it easy to watch the matches in real time.

Historic Highlights of the DOTA-2 Schedule: Main Events and Tournaments

The International: Milestone Events

  • The International 2011: The inaugural International tournament was held in Cologne, Germany, with 16 teams competing. The tournament offered a prize pool of $1 million. The finals saw Na’Vi triumph over EHOME.
  • The International 2014: Hosted in Seattle, Washington, this edition of The International featured a significantly larger prize pool of $10 million. Newbee emerged as the champions, defeating ViCi Gaming in the finals.
  • The International 2019: Held in Shanghai, China, The International 2019 boasted an unprecedented $34.3 million prize pool, setting a new record in E-sports history. OG emerged victorious, triumphing over LGD Gaming in the finals.

Significant Team and Player Achievements

  • OG’s Back-to-Back Victories: In 2018 and 2019, OG made E-sports history by becoming the first team to secure two consecutive victories at The International.
  • Ana’s Comeback: Ana, who had retired from professional Dota-2 in 2017, returned in 2018 to help OG win The International. Ana is the only player to have won The International after taking a break from professional gaming.

The Rise of Chinese Teams

Chinese teams have been dominant in Dota-2, with four victories in the last five editions of The International. This dominance began with Newbee’s victory in 2014. Other notable Chinese teams that have won The International include Wings Gaming, LGD Gaming, and IG.

Growth of DOTA-2 as an E-sports

Dota-2 has grown phenomenally as an E-sports, with The International 2019’s prize pool of $34.3 million marking the largest in E-sports history. The game is a regular feature at major E-sports events such as The World Electronic Sports Games and the Intel Extreme Masters.

Main events include:

  • The International – The most prestigious Dota-2 tournament, held annually with a prize pool of $30 million.
  • DreamLeague – A significant tournament that features top teams globally.
  • ESL One – Another renowned tournament with high stakes.
  • WePlay! Dota-2 League – A noteworthy event in the Dota-2 schedule.
  • OGA Dota PIT – A fiercely competitive tournament with top-tier participants.


Keeping abreast with the Dota-2 schedule is crucial for fans and players alike. Providing comprehensive updates on upcoming matches and past results, including links to live streams, the Dota-2 schedule ensures you stay connected to the exhilarating world of Dota 2. The growth of Dota-2 as an E-sport is undeniable, with the International 2019 holding the record for the largest prize pool in E-sports history, a whopping $34.3 million.

DOTA-2 Schedule FAQs

How often is the Dota-2 schedule updated?

Regular updates to the Dota-2 schedule ensure the most accurate dates and times for forthcoming matches and tournaments. For the latest updates, always check the official Dota-2 website or trusted third-party sites.

Are all Dota-2 tournaments included in the schedule?

The Dota-2 schedule indeed incorporates all official tournaments including The International, Majors, Minors, regional leagues, and online cups. Nevertheless, it may not list smaller, community-run tournaments.

Where can I watch live streams of Dota-2 matches?

Platforms like Twitch, the Dota-2 website, and YouTube typically stream Dota-2 matches live. Some major tournaments may also have live broadcasts on other platforms, depending on the region and the tournament organizers.