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The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M-World Championships

The Rising Phenomenon of Mobile Legends Esports

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, an enchanting mobile game, has taken the world by storm. Its competitive scene reaches its crescendo during the annual M-World Championship, a prestigious tournament organized by Moonton. Each year, the world’s top teams vie for the revered title of “World Champions”, solidifying their place in Mobile Legends history.

The Origins of M-World Championship

The M-World Championship, known as M1, kick-started this riveting journey in 2019. Held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the tournament saw 16 worldwide teams battling fiercely. In the end, Indonesia’s Evos Legends emerged victorious, marking the first-ever M-World Champions.

The Expanding Horizons of M-World Championships

The following year, Singapore hosted the M-World Championship, christened M2. Once again, 16 teams gathered for this grand spectacle, but this time, Bren Esports from the Philippines clinified the championship title.

In 2021, the third M-World Championship, M3, unfolded on an even grander scale, with 20 global teams participating. Singapore played host once more, and the tournament concluded with Blacklist International from the Philippines claiming the trophy.

The Latest Chapter in M-World Championships

Fast forward to 2023, the M-World Championship, now known as M4, moved to Jakarta, Indonesia. The competition featured 12 elite teams from around the globe. Onic PH from the Philippines proved superior, etching their name as the reigning champions.

The M-World Championship’s Growing Popularity

This annual event’s popularity is skyrocketing, evidenced by the 2021 M3 World Championship’s peak viewership exceeding 2.7 million. This statistic renders it the most-watched esports tournament in Southeast Asia, underlining the M-World Championship’s burgeoning influence in the esports industry.

What the Future Holds for M-World Championships

Looking forward, the M-World Championship, M5, is scheduled to be held in 2024, with the location yet to be announced. This event is expected to enhance the worldwide enthusiasm for Mobile Legends further: Bang Bang.

The Importance of the M-World Championship to the Mobile Legends Community

The M-World Championship is not merely a contest. It’s a celebration of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community, offering fans the opportunity to see their favorite players compete. It provides a platform for the world’s best teams to showcase their skills and strive for the coveted title of world champions.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M-World Championship is more than just an annual esports tournament. It’s a testament to the thrilling competition, unyielding passion, and electrifying community that define the world of Mobile Legends. As the most prestigious event in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang competitive scene, the M-World Championship continues to draw in fans, creating monumental moments in esports history.

Mobile Legends Schedules FAQs

When does the M-World Championship usually take place?

The M-World Championship traditionally takes place in the first quarter of the year. It is an annual event where the world’s best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams compete for the title of “World Champions”.

How frequently do they schedule Mobile Legends tournaments?

They typically organize Mobile Legends tournaments, including regional qualifiers leading up to the M-World Championship, throughout the year. However, the pinnacle of these competitions, the M-World Championship, occurs only once annually.

Where can I find the official schedule for the Mobile Legends tournaments?

You can generally find the official schedule for the Mobile Legends tournaments on the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang website and its social media channels. Always make sure to follow these platforms for the most up-to-date information.