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How does the MLS Season Work?

The MLS season consists of a regular season in which each team, 15 from the Eastern Conference and 14 from the Western Conference, must play 34 matches, 17 at home and 17 away.

At the end of the 34 rounds, the team with the most points in both the Eastern and Western Conferences wins the Supporters’ Shield trophy and secures home-field advantage for the MLS Cup playoffs.

In addition to the Supporters’ Shield, the top nine teams qualify for the MLS Cup playoffs, with the top seven teams directly advancing to the first round. The eighth and ninth-placed teams will compete in a wild-card game to determine the eighth qualifier.

After the wild card round, the first round of the MLS Cup playoffs will be played as a best-of-three series. The team that wins two matches advances to the conference semifinals. In the event of a tied game, the outcome is decided by penalty shootouts.

From the conference semifinals to the MLS Cup final, matches will be played as single games at the home stadium of the higher-seeded team from the regular season. The team that wins those matches becomes the MLS Champion.

The Significance of MLS Standings in Betting

Team Performance

  • Evaluating team performance: The standings provide a clear overview of each team’s performance throughout the season. It allows bettors to assess team strength, form, and consistency. Teams placed higher in the standings often have better records and are more likely to perform well in future matches.

Match Outcomes

  • Predicting match outcomes: By analyzing the standings, bettors can make informed predictions about the outcome of individual matches. For instance, if a team at the top of the standings is playing against a team at the bottom, it’s reasonable to expect the higher-ranked team to have a higher chance of winning. This information helps bettors make more accurate predictions and increase their chances of winning bets.
  • Assessing home-field advantage: The standings can indicate which teams have a strong home-field advantage. Some teams consistently perform better when playing at their home stadium due to factors such as familiarity with the pitch, crowd support, and travel fatigue for visiting teams. This knowledge can be valuable when deciding which team to bet on, especially in closely matched contests.

Playoffs & Post Season Prospects

  • Determining playoff and postseason prospects: MLS standings play a crucial role in determining which teams qualify for the playoffs and postseason competitions. Teams that are fighting for a playoff spot often exhibit heightened motivation and may perform better in their remaining matches. Bettors can take this into account when placing bets, as these teams may show greater determination and effort to secure a playoff berth.
  • Tracking trends and momentum: The standings provide a historical record of a team’s performance over the course of the season. Bettors can identify trends, such as winning or losing streaks, and assess the momentum of each team. Teams on a winning streak might have higher confidence and be more likely to continue their success, while teams on a losing streak may struggle to turn things around. This information helps bettors make more informed decisions.

In conclusion, while the MLS standings are a valuable reference, they shouldn’t stand alone as the deciding factor in betting. Injuries, suspensions, head-to-head records, and individual performances also play pivotal roles. Thorough research and comprehensive analysis remain paramount before placing any bets.

MLS Standings FAQs

Does an MLS team win a trophy in the Regular Season?

Like NHL, the MLS gives an award for the best team in the Regular Season. That trophy calls the “Supporters’ Shield”.

What positions are needed for qualifying for the CONCACAF Champions League?

The MLS Champion, the top record from each conference in the regular season, and the top two teams in the overall Supporters’ Shield standings qualify, via MLS, for the CONCACAF Champions League. Except for the MLS Champion, who advances to the round of 16, the remaining four teams qualify for the first round.

When do the Bundesliga standings update?

The MLS standings update after each finished game.