NCAAF Scores

When you bet on college football, it’s important to understand how the scoring system works. A game is made up of four 15-minute quarters, and the aim is to score more points than your opponent before the game ends.

Football is unique because there are many different ways to score points, and each type of score is worth a different amount.

Let’s start by saying that College football is played by students, and it’s considered amateur football. Now let’s examine a typical NCAAF game to gain a better understanding of how scoring functions. The game consists of four 15-minute quarters with a halftime break in the middle, and each team’s objective is to score more points than their opponent by carrying or passing the ball into the end zone or kicking it through the goalposts. Numerous betting choices are available, such as predicting the total points scored by a team, the point spread, and the game’s outcome. Keeping track of NCAAF scores and trends during the season can aid in the placement of better and more accurate bets, resulting in more successful wagers.

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Understanding NCAAF Scores

NCAAF scores can be a bit confusing, but they follow a similar scoring system as the NFL. The objective of the game is to score the most points by the time the game clock runs out.

In this scoring system used in football, a touchdown is the most valuable score, worth six points. Once a touchdown is successful, the team has the option to add more points by choosing either an extra-point kick or a two-point conversion.

  • Extra-Point Kick: the team must kick the ball into the opposing team’s goalpost from the 2-yard line immediately after scoring a touchdown. The distance of the kick is longer than the yardage markers suggest, being the distance 20 yards in college football. If the team succeeds, they will score one point and have a total of seven points for that drive (including the six points from the touchdown). If the team fails to convert, they only earn the six points from the touchdown.
  • Field Goal: Similarly, a team earns three points by scoring a field goal, but it’s not as valuable as a touchdown.
  • Two-Point Conversion: In American and Canadian football, a team can also score two additional points after scoring a touchdown by attempting a two-point conversion. This involves running or passing the ball into the end zone from a short distance, usually 3 yards in college football.
  • Although teams generally prefer an extra-point kick, opting for a two-point conversion can be a strategic move if the situation calls for it. However, it also puts the team at risk if not completed and should be weighed carefully.
  • Safety: Defensive teams can also score points in the NFL by tackling an opposing player in their own endzone, resulting in a safety worth two points.

Margins of Victory: Key Numbers When Betting on College Football

Key numbers are also important when betting on college football. Like in the NFL, certain margins of victory are more common than others due to the scoring system. In college football, the key numbers are 3, 7, and 10. Around 16% of games are decided by a 3-point margin, 9% by a 7-point margin, and 4% by a 10-point margin.

Sportsbooks and bettors pay attention to these key numbers when setting or betting on point spreads. For favorites, the key numbers are -3.5 to -7.5, while for underdogs, it’s +3.5 to +7.5. By targeting these key numbers, bettors can increase their chances of winning by betting on outcomes that are more likely to occur.

Similarly, key numbers can also be important when betting on point totals or when teasing lines up or down. By understanding the most common final point totals in college football, which are 41, 44, and 47, bettors can make more informed decisions when placing bets.

To provide clarification on various betting terms, let’s take a few examples.

Point Spread:

First, consider a match between Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants where the sportsbook sets the point spread at -3 in favor of the Cowboys. This implies that for the bettors to win their bets on Cowboys, they need to win by at least 4 points. However, as a 3-point victory is common in NFL games, the sportsbook might adjust the point spread to -2.5 or -3.5 to balance the betting action and hit a key number. For instance, if the sportsbook sets the point spread to -2.5, then the Cowboys can win by 3 points or more, making the bettors who wagered on them win their bets.


For instance, if the over/under for the game is set at 45 points, then the bettors need to consider key numbers like 41 and 44 while placing bets on the total. If they predict that the total score of the game will be around 41 or 44, then they may place bets on the under or over, respectively.

Teasing Lines Up or Down:

Here, the bettor can adjust the point spread or total of a game in their favor by paying a little more but at reduced odds.

Importance of College Football Scores

When placing bets on college football games, understanding the scoring system can help bettors make more informed decisions. For example, knowing that a team is strong at scoring touchdowns and weak at field goals may lead a bettor to place a wager on that team to score more touchdowns than field goals. Additionally, paying attention to the average scores of each team can help bettors determine whether a game is likely to be high-scoring or low-scoring, which can inform bets on point totals.


Bettors can use NCAAF scores strategically in betting by keeping track of key numbers, understanding the scoring system, and using live betting opportunities.

A key number in NCAAF betting is a margin of victory that occurs frequently in games. In NCAAF, key numbers are 3 and 7, as these are the most common margins of victory. Bettors often pay close attention to these key numbers when setting, or betting on, point spreads.

A safety occurs when the offense is tackled in their own endzone, resulting in the defensive team being awarded 2 points.

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