NFL Standings


NFL Standings

If you want to enhance your grasp on NFL Betting Lines, don’t just zero in on the division or playoff races. Scrutinize the NFL standings as the season unfolds. Here, you’ll uncover valuable metrics such as points tallied for and against each squad, their prevailing win or loss sequences, records on their turf and on the road, and their performance records within and beyond their division or conference. Such insights can steer you towards not just informed but also sharper and precise betting choices.

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Steps to Knowing How NFL Standings Work


First Step: Understanding the NFL Season

In the NFL season, 32 teams battle it out over 18 weeks, from September to December. The season divides these teams into two conferences: the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). Each conference further splits into four divisions, with each division housing four teams.

During the regular season, teams play a total of 17 games. They face off against their division rivals, as well as teams from other divisions and conferences. The performance in these games determines the standings, and the best teams advance to the playoffs.

In January, the playoffs kick off. The top teams from each conference go head-to-head in a single-elimination format. The AFC and NFC champions emerge from these battles and then clash in the Super Bowl, which usually takes place on the first Sunday in February.

Fans eagerly await each game, analyzing stats, discussing strategies, and placing bets. Understanding the structure of the NFL season is crucial for making informed bets, as it helps to predict which teams might have the edge in a given matchup.

At the end of the regular season, the top six teams from each conference (the four division winners plus two wildcard teams) advance to the Playoffs. The Playoffs are single-elimination games culminating in the Super Bowl.

The Playoffs consist of four rounds:

  • Wild Card Weekend: During Wild Card Weekend, the two wild card teams from each conference face off against the lowest-seeded division winners.


  • Divisional Playoffs: The winners advance to the Divisional Playoffs, where they face the top-seeded division winners.


  • Conference Championships: The winners of the Divisional Playoffs advance to the Conference Championships, where they compete for the right to play in the Super Bowl.


  • Super Bowl: The winner of the Super Bowl is crowned the NFL champion for that season.


Second Step: Getting to Know What NFL Standings Are

The NFL standings give you the lowdown on where teams in the National Football League stack up based on their game-time hustle. We’re talking divisions, conferences, and the whole shebang. Each team’s wins, losses, and points for and against shoot them up or drag them down the ranks. Keep an eagle eye on those standings – they’re the golden ticket to the playoffs and the crowning glory of the Super Bowl champion.

Why are NFL standings hotter than a fresh pizza? They tell you which teams are muscling their way into the playoffs and how they line up at the starting gate. Standings get a revamp after each game, and boy, do they like to shake things up throughout the season. Win a game, and you’re climbing the ladder; lose one, and down you tumble.

These standings are your treasure map to a team’s mojo – and their odds of taking home the big prize in the playoffs. Plus, they help you catch the drift of trends like hot winning streaks or ice-cold slumps.

Remember, the standings are more restless than a toddler on sugar – they change after every single game. So, if you’re a football junkie craving the latest dish on the league, you can’t afford to take your eyes off the NFL standings.

Third Step: Working With NFL Standings in Betting

By looking at the standings, you can see which teams are performing well and which teams are struggling. This can give you a better sense of which games to target when making your picks. For example, if a top-ranked team is playing a lower-ranked team, you might expect the point spread to be in favor of the stronger team.

In addition, the standings can give you insight into how teams perform in different situations. For example, you might look at a team’s home vs. away record to see if they tend to perform better on their home turf. You could also look at a team’s record within their division or conference to see if they tend to perform better against certain opponents.

NFL Standings FAQs

NFL standings are a record of each team's performance over the course of the season. They show a team's total number of wins, losses, and ties, as well as their winning percentage.

NFL standings are determined by a team's win-loss record. The team with the highest number of victories in each division is the division winner. The teams with the best overall records (including wild card teams) advance to the playoffs.

By keeping an eye on the latest NFL standings, you can gain insights into a team's performance and use that information to improve your betting strategy. For example, if a team has a strong home record or is on a winning streak, you might be more inclined to bet on them.

NFL standings are updated regularly throughout the season, typically after each game. You can find the latest standings on the NFL's official website or on various sports news and betting websites.

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