Buffalo Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres, a professional ice hockey team based in Buffalo, New York, have been a prominent part of the National Hockey League (NHL) since their inception in 1970. As members of the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference, they’ve carved out a niche for themselves, marked by notable successes and memorable rivalries.

Early Years and Expansion

Founded in 1970 as an expansion team, the Sabres quickly established themselves in the NHL. Their home games at KeyBank Center have been the site of numerous memorable moments. Despite never clinching the Stanley Cup, the Sabres have had significant achievements, including one Presidents’ Trophy and appearances in the Stanley Cup Finals in 1975 and 1999.

The Sabres have played their home games at the KeyBank Center since 1996. Prior to that, they played at the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, also known as “The Aud,” from 1970 to 1996.

Legendary Players and Coaches

The team’s history is adorned with outstanding players like Gilbert Perreault, Pat LaFontaine, Dominik Hasek, and Danny Gare, under the guidance of legendary coaches like Scotty Bowman and Roger Neilson.

The Sabres in Recent Years

In recent times, the Sabres have faced challenges, particularly in making the playoffs, with their last appearance being in 2020. However, the team is undergoing a rebuilding phase, aiming to return to their former glory.

The Sabres-Senators Rivalry: A Modern Competition

The rivalry between the Sabres and the Ottawa Senators, fellow Eastern Conference members, has been escalating over the years. This rivalry is marked by intense matchups and close games, reflecting the competitive spirit of both teams.

The Sabres-Bruins Rivalry: Atlantic Division Heat

The rivalry with the Boston Bruins, another Atlantic Division team, is characterized by its growing intensity. This rivalry reflects the geographic and divisional proximity of the teams, leading to fiercely contested games.

The Sabres-Maple Leafs Rivalry

One of the oldest in the NHL, the rivalry with the Toronto Maple Leafs, also an Original Six team, is steeped in history. This rivalry is a highlight of the NHL calendar, showcasing a deep competitive spirit.


Here are the Buffalo Sabres’ Achievements since its creation in 1970

STANLEY CUP 2   1975, 1999
CONFERENCE 5 1975, 1999 1998, 2006, 2007
DIVISION 6 1975, 1980, 1981, 1997, 2007, 2010

The Buffalo Sabres is one of the only ten teams remaining without winning the Stanley Cup but is one of the five teams, who reached at least once, the Stanley Cup Finals and never got the championship.

The Sabres have struggled in recent years, failing to make the playoffs since the 2010-2011 season. The team has undergone a rebuild in recent years, drafting several promising young players. The Sabres are hoping to return to contention in the near future.

Buffalo Sabres FAQs

The Buffalo Sabres were founded in 1970 as an expansion team in the NHL.

No, the Sabres have yet to win the Stanley Cup, although they have reached the finals twice, in 1975 and 1999.

Notable players include Gilbert Perreault, Pat LaFontaine, Dominik Hasek, and Danny Gare.

The Sabres have notable rivalries with the Ottawa Senators, Boston Bruins, and Toronto Maple Leafs.

The last playoff appearance for the Sabres was in 2011.

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