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Cycling Schedules Grand Tours

Tour de France

Henri Desgrange, the editor of the French sports newspaper L’Auto, created the Tour de France in 1903 to boost circulation. He envisioned a long-distance bicycle race, and the first edition covered 2,428 kilometers across six stages. 

Starting in Paris, the riders conquered Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, and returned to the French capital. The stages averaged 405 kilometers, forcing the cyclists to endure day and night. They even had to handle their own repairs. 

The inaugural Tour de France was a resounding triumph, drawing crowds of spectators and media coverage. Maurice Garin, a part-time chimney sweep, emerged as the victor, earning a prize of 3,000 francs. 

With its challenging routes and passionate fans, the Tour de France has grown into an iconic global sporting event. This symbolizes French pride and occupies a significant place in the nation’s sporting calendar.

Giro d’Italia

La Gazzetta dello Sport, an Italian sports newspaper, established the Giro d’Italia in 1909 to boost its readership. Inspired by the success of the Tour de France, the Giro has become one of the prestigious Grand Tours alongside the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España. 

The inaugural Giro comprised eight stages, covering 2,448 kilometers, and saw Luigi Ganna claim victory. Despite interruptions during the world wars, the Giro has persisted annually since its inception, attracting legendary cyclists like Fausto Coppi, Eddy Merckx, and Alberto Contador. 

Renowned for its arduous climbs and ever-changing weather, the Giro d’Italia tests the physical and mental fortitude of riders, captivating millions of fans nationwide. The iconic pink jersey, awarded to the general classification leader, further adds to the race’s allure and Italian pride.

Vuelta a España

The Vuelta a España, a renowned Grand Tour in professional road cycling, joins the ranks of the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia. In 1935, the Spanish newspaper Informaciones organized the race, drawing inspiration from its French and Italian counterparts. 

The first edition welcomed 50 participants who tackled a grueling 3,411-kilometer course over 14 stages, averaging more than 240 kilometers per stage. Gustave Deloor, a Belgian cyclist, emerged as the inaugural champion, garnering widespread attention and fueling the race’s popularity in Spain. 

Except for a hiatus during the Spanish Civil War and a brief interruption during World War II, the Vuelta has been held annually since 1941. The race has undergone various formats, with the current iteration featuring 21 stages spanning three weeks. 

It attracts a diverse array of international winners, with Belgians holding the most victories at 17. Spanish and Italian riders follow closely behind. 

The Vuelta a España, with its challenging terrain encompassing flat stages, mountains, and time trials, captivates riders and spectators alike, solidifying its status as one of the cycling world’s most prestigious events.

Cycling Schedules FAQs

What is the total distance covered in the Tour de France?

The Tour de France covers a total distance of approximately 3,500 kilometers (2,175 miles) over its multiple stages.

Who won the first edition of the Giro d’Italia?

The first edition of the Giro d’Italia was won by Luigi Ganna, an Italian cyclist, who emerged as the inaugural champion.

How many stages are there in the Vuelta a España?

The Vuelta a España consists of 21 stages, spanning a three-week period, where cyclists compete in various terrains across Spain.