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Vuelta a España Stages to Follow

Longest Stage

The penultimate stage of the 2023 Vuelta a España, Stage 20, is the longest stage of the race. The route between Manzanares el Real and Guadarrama in the Community of Madrid covers a distance of 208.4 kilometers, surpassing the 200-kilometer mark. This makes it not only the longest stage but also one of the toughest and most demanding.

The mountainous route features several peaks over 1300 meters, making the stage a test of endurance and strength to overcome these obstacles.

As the penultimate stage, it will add a lot of excitement to the race leading up to the Grand Finale.

Shortest Stage

Following the longest stage of the Vuelta a España comes the shortest one. The final stage in Madrid, between the Zarzuela Racecourse and the Landscape of Light, covers a distance of 101 kilometers on flat terrain. More than half of the race consists of a plain at 642 meters above sea level.

The strategy employed for this route will play a crucial role, considering the preceding 20 stages, which will have offered a variety of challenges. The final effort in the Spanish capital will determine whether it is enough to finish the competition with the Red Jersey.

Hardest Stage

According to the organizers, the Vuelta a España would have three queen stages. Stage 13 at Tourmalet, Stage 14 at Belagua, and Stage 17 at Angliru.

If we analyze the routes, Stage 13 from Formigal Huesca La Magia to Col du Tourmalet doesn’t even allow for a moment to catch one’s breath. Despite covering a distance of 134.7 kilometers, it is one of the toughest stages due to the constant uphill and downhill sections along the route. It culminates at the highest point of the Vuelta, the Tourmalet summit, which is 2115 meters above sea level.

If we were to choose a true “queen stage,” the clear winner of 2023 would undoubtedly be Tourmalet.

Vuelta a España Schedules FAQs

When does the Vuelta a España betting schedule usually get released?

The Vuelta a España betting schedule is typically released several months before the race, usually in the early spring, providing ample time for bettors to analyze and plan their wagers.

How can I stay updated with the latest Vuelta a España betting schedules?

To stay informed about the latest Vuelta a España betting schedules, you can regularly check official race websites, follow reputable sports betting platforms, or subscribe to newsletters that provide race updates and schedule announcements. And of course, with SportBettingAI!

Are there any changes or updates to the Vuelta a España betting schedule during the race?

While it is rare, unforeseen circumstances may require adjustments to the Vuelta a España betting schedule during the race. In such cases, race organizers will promptly communicate any changes to ensure bettors are aware and can adjust their wagers accordingly.