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US Legalization Tracker

US sports betting is surging after a legal shift. This boom brings new opportunities for states, businesses & bettors, but also raises responsible gambling concerns.

US Betting Goes Nationwide

Supreme Court Ruling Opens the Door

A Booming Industry with Benefits

Navigating a Patchwork of Regulations

Beyond Sports: A Broader Betting Landscape

Responsible Gambling: A Priority

The Future of Betting in the US


US Betting Radar FAQs

What caused the recent transformation in US betting?

The transformation in US betting was sparked by a 2018 Supreme Court ruling that lifted the federal ban on sports betting, allowing states to legalize and regulate it, leading to a broader betting landscape.

What are the economic benefits of legalized sports betting in the US?

Legalized sports betting has brought increased tax revenue, job creation, and boosted tourism to states that have embraced it.

How do sports betting regulations vary between US states?

Regulations for sports betting differ widely among states, with some allowing multiple operators and others imposing restrictions like limited licenses or exclusive partnerships.

What other types of betting have been legalized in some US states?

Some US states have legalized online poker, casino games, and fantasy sports in addition to sports betting, diversifying the industry and attracting a broader audience.

What role do responsible gambling practices play in the industry?

Responsible gambling practices are crucial for protecting vulnerable individuals and maintaining industry integrity, with state regulators and operators playing a key role in their implementation.

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